Homme Less

A joint fundraiser for Interfaith Good Samaritan & The Gryphon Theatre

Homme Less

Brew & View

Fri, September 18, 2015

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Gryphon Theatre

Laramie, WY


Homme Less
Homme Less
HOMME LESS is about the underbelly of the American Dream, the hidden backyard of our society.
Mark’s life stands as a metaphor for the struggle of the vanishing middle class in America. But it’s
also a film about the relationship between New York City and one of its residents. New York is not
simply a beautiful backdrop for this story. She’s the antagonist that dictates the direction Mark’s
life is going in. The joy and pain, the love and hate, the success and denial New York is teasing him
with, the hardship he is going through in order to stay in her grace and the inventiveness he comes
up with to be with her are all unique.
Mark walks the streets of Manhattan looking like a millionaire, wearing designer suits and expensive
leather shoes. He seems to be well off, and works in the prestigious fashion and movie business.
He is eloquent, charming and good looking, and obviously has a lot going for him. But while during
the day he pursues a ‘normal’ life, late at night he goes to a place where the American Dream has
turned into a nightmare.
HOMME LESS captures a raw and unfiltered moment in time, our time, and raises the question of
how far are we from losing everything, even our homes? How often do we have to pretend that
everything is fine in order to keep up the facade of being a well-off member of society? And how
far do we go to take the financial pressure off our shoulders to live a more carefree life, a life we
aspire to live?
What went wrong in Mark’s life? How is he able to keep up his facade of success and fool
everyone? What keeps him from going under? What motivates him to put up with this rather
unthinkable situation? What were and are his hopes and desires in life?
Mark stands lost and alone in the midst of eight million dreams, balanced between the glamorous
surfaces of this vibrant and inspiring city and its far from glamorous hidden backyard. He is the
As a first-time director of a feature length documentary, I feel very blessed and privileged that this
story has presented itself to me. I can’t thank Mark enough for his trust in me as a filmmaker and
friend to share his story with the world. When we started shooting I pushed aside all the obstacles
and questions that come up when you start such a long-term adventure. And an adventure it was.
I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark II and my sound recorder and off we went, just Mark and me,
documenting his life.
We filmed everything along the way as it happened, guerrilla style. I never looked at any location
before we actually shot there. That was sometimes risky but also very exciting to see how his
reality revealed itself, unrehearsed and raw. My approach was mostly intuitive, and as physically
demanding and sometimes even psychologically challenging as it was, the creative process itself
was fascinating and most rewarding.
There was no producer attached to the project at the time we started shooting. Further down the
line I presented some footage and the story to Wolfgang Ramml, the head of Filmhaus Vienna,
who immediately came on board as a producer of HOMME LESS. He reached out to his colleague
Karol Martesko-Fenster in New York who also quickly signed onto the project.
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Gryphon Theatre
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