The Human Race - The Documentary

The Human Race - The Documentary

Sun, January 6, 2019

Doors: 1:00 pm / Show: 2:00 pm

Gryphon Theatre

Laramie, WY


The Human Race - The Documentary
The Human Race - The Documentary
THE HUMAN RACE, the directorial debut of Liz Vassey, stars Six Runners in Six different Races with One Conclusion: You’re Never Too Old to Start.

THE HUMAN RACE is an inspirational full-length documentary about six runners, all over the age of 50, as they each train for the biggest race of their lives. These six athletes cover quite the spectrum, from a father attempting his very first 5K with his autistic son by his side, to a running icon who, in 1967, became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, to an 80-year-old running a half-marathon in celebration of her birthday, to a cancer survivor’s (Helene Neville) attempt to run across all 50 states. We’ll find out what motivates them to keep going, we’ll delve deeply into their various training programs, and we’ll follow them all the way to the finish line while getting to know their colorful personalities and gaining insight into how running has helped them through various struggles. Make no mistake, this documentary is not "cute." These runners are dedicated, fierce, competitive...and they could probably outrun you.

In a test of will and faith, Helene set out on her solo run in May of 2010, to prove the power of community by leaving herself vulnerable, purposefully placing herself in a position that required kindness from strangers to succeed. She choose to look for kindness in others rather than stay on guard expecting the worse. Throughout the country, Helene’s message remained the same, ‘Rethink Impossible.’ Helene’s run is as much about humanitarianism as athleticism. She runs to inspire the next generation of dreamers to become doers. Helene is a cancer survivor, inspirational speaker, and author of three books, mother, grandmother, Flag for Hope Star, and a nurse. Alaska will be the 50th state to accomplish what no one else has ever done!!! Helene has run across 49 states/13,000 miles Only Alaska remains.

Liz Vassey(Executive Producer/Director) began acting at the age of nine (portraying Oliver in the musical of the same name) and continued to work extensively on the stage, performing in over fifty plays at regional and professional theaters in the Tampa Bay area. At sixteen, Liz moved to New York to join the cast of ALL MY CHILDREN. For her work on that show, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Since her time on ALL MY CHILDREN, Liz has appeared as a regular and recurring character on eleven television shows including ER, MAXIMUM BOB, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, BROTHERLY LOVE, PUSH NEVADA, TWO AMD A HALF MEN, and FOX’s live action version of The TICK. But she is probably best known for her five year run on CSI: CRINE SCENE INVESTIGATOR as DNA technician “Wendy Sims.”

Liz has guest starred on many TV shows (Including CASTLE with Nathan Fillion), starred in may pilots (including DRAGONS OF NEW YORK written and starring Hugh Laurie), and appeared in several films (including MAN OF THE HOUSE with Tommy Lee Jones).

In addition to acting, Liz is an accomplished writer. She co-wrote an episode of CSI in the tenth season (the well-received “Field Mice”). She has sold six television pilots and TV movie, developing for such network studios as NBC, Freeform, Universal, Imagine, and Sony. She is also a contributor writer to, created by the Tampa Performing Arts Project for young artists as a place to share their stories and connect with professionals in the entertainment community.

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Gryphon Theatre
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