5th Annual Art & Music Thing

Hosted by News From Nowhere

5th Annual Art & Music Thing

Big Fat Ronnie, Wynona, Ben Slater, Dauphin, Mumbletypeg, Whiskey Slaps, Whippoorwill, Allison Pluda, Simply Timothy John, Donny Radwell, John Poland, Spencer Pelton, Jon Gardzelewski, Kelli Trujillo, Amyntas Hinckley, The Ninjahs, Ockham's Electric Razor, Sunnydale High, CarrJ, Kannibal Korpitz, Turd Nugent, Saint Fool, Blackwell, Shotgun Shogun, Static Nebulus, LDA Belladis, Summit Bellydance, Not My Weekend, Elk Tongue

Sat, January 16, 2016

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 1:00 pm

Gryphon Theatre

Laramie, WY

$5 - $8

This event is all ages

This yearly nonprofit fundraiser is brought to you by News From Nowhere and the Gryphon Theatre. Proceeds go to the WhatFest (an annual exhibition of Wyoming and regional artists held in Riverside, WY every July) and the Albany County SAFE Project (Laramie's organization to support survivors of stalking, intimate partner, family and sexual violence), and to supporting art projects in the Gryphon Theatre.

Mama Lenny and The Remedy - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Mama Lenny and The Remedy
There was a deep need in the Colorado music scene for driving soul and vintage rock; it was fulfilled when Mama Lenny and the Remedy burst out of the gates in 2012 with their double disc album "Punches and Hugs". While their initial album has been described as "Big, brassy, ballsy, bossy, bitchy, screaming R&B in a 2 cd debut", their sound is diverse enough to have allowed them to open for such acts as Alison Kraus and Union Station, Garage a Trois, Black Joe Lewis, The English Beat, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, and Kris Lager Band. Led by the ferocious vocals of their front woman, and supported by a crew of talented and captivating musicians, Mama Lenny and the Remedy puts on an unstoppable, unique performance appealing to music fans of all kinds. For booking information or to contact Mama Lenny and the Remedy, please email them at mamalennyandtheremedy@gmail.com or find them online via the usual social media outlets. They are sure to Cure What Ails You.
Diamond Lockettes Burlesque Revue - (Set time: 1:00 PM)
Diamond Lockettes Burlesque Revue
We are a burlesque company based in Laramie, Wyoming. Our ethos is to constantly celebrate sexual liberation, and the expression and empowerment of women and men of any variety, race, size, or shape through the art of striptease. Our motivation is to contribute to the burlesque community by creating vibrant shows with exquisite ecdysiast performance artists while paying homage to rich vintage vaudeville entertainment. We strive to create an atmosphere for positive body image and to further the self-worth movement.

Burlesque is a difficult art to define. It is often a satirical expression of sexuality presented by bawdy comedians, glamorous showgirls, dazzling entertainers, cheeky pinups, all wrapped up in a neat glittering bow of vintage costume finery and timeless, yet innovative reveals and peels.

Hosted by the satirical Master of Ceremonies, Johnny Knockers, Wyoming’s first burlesque comedian, presenting performers like: the ethereal Vanity Sweet, the minxy Lady Jade Tiemeupandspankmeh, the powerhouse Aydyn May, the smoldering Phoenix Fonteyn, the saucy Chef Me-Ow, the adorable Cora Blush, the glamorous Miss Inferno and our many new talented artists: Carnal Carina, Vexxin DragonNess, Naughty Nebula, Ccarmen Rrodriguizz, Captain Cunning Linguist, and Irish Cream!
J Shogren & the Shainghai'd - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
J Shogren & the Shainghai'd
Music for your inner grifter.
Hard acoustic roots music from a life lived in loud proportions.
American Holly is the second release from Wyoming's favorite applied philosopher J Shogren. His adventures have taken him from days as a trapper to an endowed professor. He splits his time between Wyoming and Sweden, where he worked last year - unlikely as it sounds - as the King's Professor. Even more riotous, J was a party to the Nobel Peace Prize as a member of the United Nations Team working on climate change.

Since making a splash overseas since his '07 debut. Shogren is getting press across a wide field:
“Blending more styles than we can list here Shogren somehow ties it all together for his own unique sound. Thoughtful and larger than life songs set to a hard acoustic background make for some exciting listening. He's traveled the world and the stories are plentiful in these grooves. At the end of the day though it's Americana at its best.”

“Like a garden full of wildflowers...there's something undeniably endearing about Shogren's ramshackle ramblings.”
- Performing Songwriter, Jan 2009
Big Fat Ronnie - (Set time: 2:00 PM)
Wynona - (Set time: 4:00 PM)
Rock in laramie wy. Rob Joyce, Larson Lind and Connor Novotny.
Ben Slater - (Set time: 5:00 PM)
Dauphin - (Set time: 6:00 PM)
Prodigal Songs for the End of Days
Mumbletypeg is a Psychedelic/Jam/Rock & Roll Band created in a makeshift lab in the mountains of Wyoming, and has been making noise in the Rockies for well over ten years.
At the center of Mumbletypeg are Tony 5, our fearless leader, on acoustic guitar, Jerry G on bass, and Ed Barbier on drums, driving the tunes to their destinations. Rich Arbour's versatile and powerful guitar work highlights the band's jams in the tradition of our many influences. A self-proclaimed flautist on guitar, Bliss Ragsdale fills out the psychedelia with both instruments, occasionally at the same time. You'll catch everybody in the band singing at some point, with Tony 5 at the helm. And, Ed is always there when you need a harmonica solo. The best way to describe Mumbletypeg is, we love jamming with each other, and, we like to share.
Mumbletypeg plays each gig as if it is chance to explore new musical horizons in a new and unique social setting. As a result, the 'Pegs try create a show specific to each experience. Each set usually lasts an hour and a half to two hours and often features a friend or two sitting in.
A good chunk of Mumbletypeg's music is of the "Classic Rock" persuasion, but you are also likely to hear music from more obscure artists from all styles of music. And, the band's original music is, if anything, completely Wyoming; it has it's own style and feel created over decades (even lifetimes) of living in Wyoming. Between them, Mumbletypeg's lineup has almost 150 years experience in the music business. Yes, we're the old guys on the block. However, we believe this gives us a great connection with the music we play. We've seen the bands we cover. And, we've had the opportunity to test our original music on crowds of all kinds.
Some of our influences include The Grateful Dead, The Velvet Underground, The Band, Jethro Tull, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Willie, Waylon, Van Zant, My Dad, Your Dad, The Butthole Surfers, Chuck Berry, The Allman Joy's, we could go on forever...
Whiskey Slaps
Whiskey Slaps
Hillery Lynn has been playing guitar, singing and writing songs most of her life. Her unique, smoky twang is a beautiful counter to her softly complex guitar playing and the perfect showcase for her quirky original songs and subtle readings of American traditional folk tunes. Birgit Burke has been writing songs, singing, and playing various musical instruments most of her life as well. Her voice ranges from a broken alcoholic snarl to ethereal plea, while her songwriting, guitar and mandolin playing lift elements from pre-war blues, old-time and Irish traditional fiddle tunes, Appalachian folk and country western. Both women grew up singing with their sisters and the family harmony influences are clear. Pryce Taylor joins on electric and upright bass, grounding the songs with solid rhythm. We are all from Wyoming except Birgit who has lived here so long, she’s as good as from here. Whiskey Slaps is a game. If you buy her a shot of whiskey, Hillery will explain it to you.
Whippoorwill - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
"Masterful at containing the true dynamic nature of emotions. At once, sad and joyful, yearning and fulfilled. Which element stands out strongest depends on your mood. This is beautiful, masterfully crafted, skillfully performed music.”
-Hey Reverb

"Poised harmonies weave between acoustic ballads and Tom Robbins-inspired Western romps, as both Kraft and Foster highlight impressive artistry and an undeniable musical chemistry."
-SCENE Magazine

"Cathartic, experiential alt-folk written by two boots-in-the-dirt country girls and delivered across drummer Tobias Bank's percussive landscape with banjo, harmonica, distorted guitar, and three-part harmonies that can scorch, soar, or haunt."
Allison Pluda - (Set time: 1:15 PM)
Simply Timothy John - (Set time: 2:15 PM)
Donny Radwell - (Set time: 3:15 PM)
Donny Radwell is a Casper native who has been featured in 307 Magazine for his hip-hop production. He is known in Laramie, WY for coming in last place at songwriting competitions, and ruining an entire restaurant's New Year's Eve dinner by cranking it to eleven. He is known in Casper, WY for forgetting to turn microphones on during high school talent shows, and making inappropriate jokes before playing 'Strange Fruit' at local blues competitions. He recorded his first acoustic EP entitled 'Moon Without An Ocean' in August, 2015 at Gourmet Sleaze studios in Casper, WY, and is currently being mastered. In the last half of 2015, Donny released a number of self-produced rap songs as singles for his upcoming hip-hop album entitled 'Proved You Wrong'. Unfortunately, he no longer plays music outside near the railroad tracks in Laramie for obvious reasons.
John Poland - (Set time: 4:15 PM)
Spencer Pelton - (Set time: 5:15 PM)
Jon Gardzelewski - (Set time: 6:15 PM)
Kelli Trujillo - (Set time: 7:15 PM)
Amyntas Hinckley - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
The Ninjahs - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
The Ninjahs
The Ninjahs are a DJ Duo in Laramie, Wyoming. We play both kinds of music...House and Trance. We also enjoy Electro, Dub, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance Hall and any thing else that makes us boogie. We like to party and hope we get to party with you.
Ockham's Electric Razor - (Set time: 1:30 PM)
Sunnydale High - (Set time: 2:30 PM)
CarrJ - (Set time: 3:30 PM)
Kannibal Korpitz - (Set time: 4:30 PM)
Kannibal Korpitz
Turd Nugent - (Set time: 5:30 PM)
Saint Fool - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Saint Fool
Saint Fool is a threesome with its roots firmly in funk, rock, and blues. The group is committed to music for music's sake and directly engaging with their fans.
Blackwell - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Shotgun Shogun - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Shotgun Shogun
"With an ever-changing repertoire, consistent practice schedule, and multiple genres to draw from, Shotgun Shogun is one of those local bands that you just want to make it." - The Branding Iron

Currently self produced, ever self motivated.
Static Nebulus - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Static Nebulus
Zack Coburn- Guitar and Vocals
Paul Weatherford- Guitar and Vocals
Nick Learned- Drums
LDA Belladis - (Set time: 3:45 PM)
Summit Bellydance - (Set time: 5:45 PM)
Not My Weekend - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
Not My Weekend
Elk Tongue - (Set time: 3:00 PM)
Elk Tongue
Not to be confused with the body part of the North American mammal, Wyoming’s Elk Tongue was conceived to create a fusion of sounds that have been called “Psychedelic Desert rock.” Being from various musical backgrounds drives them to create environments reminiscent of the past and the future. Elk Tongue is four friends who have come together to share love of psychedelic rock and roll.

Keaton Elsasser is an American composer, guitar player, and lover of all around good times. Keaton began creating and recording music out of the pure egocentric urge to hear what he sounds like. After graduating high school, Keaton moved from his humble hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming to the blazing-hot party town of Tempe, Arizona where he spent most of his time in his air conditioned apartment smoking pot and writing songs. After his stint in the sun, he moved to Colorful Colorado where he began releasing music on Soundcloud under the moniker Cousin Flamingo. During this time, he also co-founded the experimental pop band, Harriman Exit. Both of these projects helped shape the sound and energy Keaton brings to Elk Tongue.

Born and raised outside of Cheyenne, WY, Seth Leininger began to teach himself guitar and keyboard in his late teens. In his early twenties he started his solo ambient/electronic project MANTIS, and joined the band Harriman Exit as lead guitar/effects player. He now continues the same role in the psychedelic-desert rock band Elk Tongue, using a range of versatile sounds. He is currently a student at the university of Wyoming for Geology/Anthropology/Painting.

Also a Cheyenne native, Shawn Hess started playing bass guitar at age 11 and has played with bands covering reggae, country, doom-metal, glam-rock, bluegrass, funk and psychedelic. Shawn played upright bass for 4 years in the popular Cheyenne bluegrass band BeatGrass before they disbanded in early 2014. Currently, Shawn is playing with a handful of local Laramie acts including the nine-piece string band known as 10¢ Stranger, as well as sings and plays acoustic guitar in his own classic country revival group. Harriman Exit recruited Shawn Hess to play electric bass in 2012. Since their move to Laramie, WY Shawn has continued to bring the tasty grooves, driving lines and melodic low-end to the group.

Not from Cheyenne, Dylan Stowers has been playing drums for ten years. His focus quickly shifted to the drum set after joining jazz band in high school. Despite not playing for some time after enrolling at the University of Wyoming to study geology, the drums found him again in the winter of 2012 and he has been involved with local music projects ever since. In the spring of 2016 he joined Elk Tongue, contributing an eclectic view of the drums to an already unique indie rock sound. He lives in Laramie, WY and spends his free time rock climbing and skiing.
Venue Information:
Gryphon Theatre
710 E. Garfield
Laramie, WY, 82070