TWO DEGREES by Tira Palmquist
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TWO DEGREES by Tira Palmquist

Ages 13+
A new play about “telling the true story of our changing climate to a world afraid to hear it.”

Emma Phelps is a paleoclimatologist, focusing on ice in Greenland. In drilling and studying ice core samples, she sees first hand the symptoms of our changing planet, which makes the need to act all the more crucial and urgent. In addition to her growing sense of urgency for the planet, Emma, as a recent widow, experiences grief that compounds itself with each passing month. Now she's been asked to come to Washington D.C. to testify in a Senate Committee regarding climate change legislation, and in this intersection of science and politics, of politics and the personal, she finds more than just a little is breaking up under the strain of change.

All performances are followed by a chat-back with the actors and design team. Audience seating is on stage and there is a limit of 50 tickets per show.

The play contains adult themes and language.

Venue Information:
Relative Theatrics Gryphon
710 E Garfield gryphon theatre
Laramie, WY, 82070