REALLY by Jackie Sibblies Drury
Relative Theatrics

REALLY by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Ages 13+
A stylishly contemplative play about mourning, intimacy, and goodness vs. greatness as seen through the lens of photography.

In this play about photography and value, the “themes aren’t immediately or even explicitly declared. Like prized negatives, they gradually develop in the darkroom of our mind.” When a grieving mother visits her late son’s girlfriend, the two women look back at the man they both loved, each jockeying for a claim to his legacy as a son, lover, and artist. “As the vacant niceties pile up, we come to realize that “polite” conversation…has been designed explicitly to silence the opinions and marginalize the experiences of women, African Americans, and especially African American women.” Playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury’s beautifully refined language creates “an unnerving study of art as pollution, distraction from a world fast evolving beyond aesthetics.”

All performances are followed by a chat-back with the actors and design team. Audience seating is on stage and there is a limit of 50 tickets per show.

The play contains adult themes and language.

Venue Information:
Relative Theatrics Gryphon
710 E Garfield gryphon theatre
Laramie, WY, 82070